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Loving the challenge of SEO and ranking sites on the first page  in Google, I’ve become very passionate about it and made a decision to make it my life’s calling.

We are an SEO Agency that started in 2017. My personal experience started back in 2009 when I started breeding parrots with my long-time friend John.

We decided to market our business on the Internet. I created our first site then set out learning everything I could from the world’s best SEOers.

The site hit #1 in about 3 months and floated between #1 and #2 position for 7 years.

We were receiving many orders from the Alex site, so because of that success I built another site called

The same thing happened we were position #1 and #2 for 6 years

I built a third site we hit position #1 and stayed there for 5 years until we sold all 3 sites.

2 friends heard about our success and asked me to build a website for each of them.

The first is a skip bin site built in 2013.  (Top right) This site took around 4 months to rank #1 and has been floating between#1 and #3 for the last 5 years. We registered an Exact Match Domain name his business name is different from the domain name. 

The third site is plumberknoxrowville built in 2015 this site took about 6 months to rank #1 but it’s held its position ever since. Same thing we registered an EMD his business name is different to the domain name.

If you feel we are a good fit and you would like me to rank your site for you, the next step is to get in touch.

 By phone, call ot text 0422 914 659


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